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PreceptsGroup International

PreceptsGroup International is an established full-fledged estate and succession planning service provider, covering wills, trusts, estate administration, corporate services and education since 2008. Headquartered in Singapore and as a pioneer in providing estate and succession planning services in the region, clients are served by a team of over 600 Estate and Succession Practitioners. We are dedicated to provide comprehensive planning and solutions for wealth distribution, wealth succession, estate administration for families and businesses.

Having build a reputation of reliability, it continues to stand firmly as one of the largest in the industry within the Asian region. It has a track record of writing more than 12000 Wills, and currently holds more than 8000 Executor and Trustee appointments.

Together with the related business units within the PreceptsGroup, we provide end-to-end estate planning services covering.

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Our values:
We believe in a better wealth experience. Knowledge and transparency are essential for success, and you should never feel like you do not have control or do not understand how your money is managed. We will present you the data you need to make informed decisions, so that you can be best prepared for your future.

✔ Alignment
We are only paid by you and never accept commissions from product providers – this allows us to always recommend the products best suited for you

✔ Integrity and stewardship
We are a steward of your capital and trust and will never compromise on acting in your best interest

✔ Knowledge and transparency
Empowerment through knowledge can help all of us anticipate outcomes and therefore succeed in reaching our goals

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Our Partners

Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL)

Established in 2009, the Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL) is the body that champions literacy in Estate and Succession Planning as a professional practice throughout Asia by conducting training, seminars, conferences and exchange of ideas.

To date, it has equipped about 7,000 professionals in Asia with the knowledge of Estate and Succession Planning. The EPPL has appointed Precepts Academy Pte. Ltd. to conduct professional programmes for the advisory industry, particularly for the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) designation programme. The AEPP® has already established a strong reputation in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

EPPL also works with various Asian country representatives to heighten awareness of the crucial estate planning component of wealth distribution (in the context of complete wealth succession planning). To date, it has built a network of professional communities in this field.

EPPL has taken on the role of acting as an introducer to Precepts Trustee Ltd (License No. TC000040), a licensed trust company in Singapore. It is making a breakthrough in the estate planning industry, by enabling digital trusts through a business unit EPPL Digital.

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EPPL Digital

With a mission to create the big bang in trusts, EPPL Digital was formed by EPPL in 2021 to spearhead digitised estate planning and trust services using state-of-the-art technology. It provides a platform to enable anyone wanting to create a trust conveniently and at low costs through an entirely digitised process. As an approved project in Singapore, all documentation is stored online for easy retrieval.

EPPL Digital facilitates estate planning and trust solutions such as the ProviTrust, and it acts as an introducer to Precepts Trustee Ltd, a trust company licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

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Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS)

FPAS is a non-profit professional association dedicated to developing and promoting an industry providing unbiased financial advice to the Singaporean public.


FPAS is part of a global assembly of financial planning bodies, and a licensee of the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., a US-based non-profit organisation launched in October 2004 to set standards for and oversee the international CFP® certification program. FPSB currently has 26 members, including Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP® Board), and the number of CFP professionals reached a global high of 192,762 at year-end 2020.

After Australia and Japan, FPAS was the third member to join the federation of CFP® certification bodies in the Asian region and the tenth member of FPSB internationally.

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Charity Partner

Community Chest

We are the fundraising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Our role and purpose are aligned with NCSS to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity within a caring and inclusive society.
As the hallmark of care and share, we believe in uniting the community to care for the vulnerable. Since 1983, Community Chest has been in partnership with the people, public and private sectors to create a collaborative and impactful social service ecosystem. 100% of funds raised go towards more than 100 social service agencies supported by Community Chest, so that they can focus on developing and delivering quality solutions and continue to empower the lives of the disadvantaged. To date, there are 200 over critical services offered to those in need, including special education, youth programmes, adult disability support, family service centres, eldercare and caregiver support.

Our Five Causes

Your support goes towards empowering the lives of the vulnerable, including our five causes – children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, families, persons with mental health conditions and lower-income seniors. As our operating and fundraising costs are covered mainly by Tote Board, 100% of your donations go towards those in need.

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Media Partner

Asia Advisers Network (AAN) 

Asia Advisers Network (AAN) is a dedicated resource for insurance agents and advisers working in Asia – keeping readers abreast of all the significant developments in the industry that might affect how agents and advisers operate.

If there’s a change that will help you do more business – you will hear about it on AAN.
If it’s something you should be worried about – you will hear about that too.

Agents, advisers, agency leaders – and others – are all welcome within AAN.

AAN has intimate knowledge of the insurance industry. This is an initiative by Asia Insurance Review, the premier publication trusted by senior leaders and decision makers in the region after 30 years of dedicated service to the insurance industry. To promote the essential role that agents and advisers play in insurance business in Asia, we showcase and celebrate excellence with the Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards each year.

Run entirely by professionals from the Asia Insurance Review stable – AAN has become a trusted resource by many thousands of insurance professionals.

Other than the latest industry news and development, we are your go-to platform for insights from CEOs and thought leaders, and we bring you lessons from the very best in the industry to help you excel.

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Immortalize is a legacy planning marketplace and information portal that seeks to break down the barriers for people to know more about legacy planning and get their estate planning done.

By making seemingly complicated information easy to understand, interesting to know about and intuitive to use, Immortalize hopes to make last mile of life planning as easy as booking for a hotel or getting food delivery.

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